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Masego shares his new single ‘Two Sides’ – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The American artist previously classed his music as ‘traphousejazz’, a conjoined term that reflects his background, and where he’s at. In truth, it’s expansive soul music, his music touching the fringes of R&B while retaining its own unique identity.

Debut album ‘Lady Lady’ landed in 2018, and a new LP is said to be on the way. Recent singles ‘You Never Visit Me’ and ‘Say You Want Me’ found Masego expanding outwards, and with Valentine’s on the way he’s back with a new jam.

‘Two Sides’ is a Gemini love story, with Masego attempting to stick up for this oft-maligned star sign. There’s a nimble vocal, one that expresses his playful side, while his jazz roots also shine through on a track that oozes charm.

“I love games. Do I ever. ‘Two Sides’ make the next person that is involved with me aware of, I guess, the demons that I’m trying to fight,” he says. “Geminis have a bad rep. And I was letting her know that I have the potential to move in this manner because of my past and hurt. There’s no silver lining in this song. It’s just like, ‘I could be a bad guy and I could get what I want with my slick words and my seductive beguiling ways.’”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sam Erickson

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