Marcus Mumford “Cannibal” – Americana UK

Marcus Mumford “Cannibal” – Americana UK

Well that’s it for another week dear reader. We won’t be updating on Monday sorry although from the looks of things we won’t be doing anything at all on Monday other than mourning and playing Two Point Campus. We leave you with a track from the new album from Marcus Mumford ‘Self-Titled’ which is out today. The song has been around for a while but when The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis describes it as “the extraordinary song that opens his debut solo album” as he did in the paper today, it sparks your curiosity at the least. Well it did for us anyway – it’s fairly harrowing but actually morphs into something else profoundly moving by its conclusion. And to all ye Mumford-haters (and yes to be fair, they do have ex-member with dodgy views) they sent AUK their stuff long after they became very famous so they are on the side of the angels so to speak. Have a good one if that doesn’t seem inappropriate!

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