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Mandrake Handshake have shared new song ‘Vitamin Sunday’.

The multi-limbed psych-pop collective are in a state of evolution, having recently moved from their Oxford base to London. The creativity doesn’t stop, though, with Mandrake Handshake recently confirming plans for a new EP.

Out on November 18th, ‘The Triple Point Of Water’ deals with the emotions of upheaval, and seeking out new communities in a fresh space. New song ‘Vitamin Sunday’ is online now, the pensive vocal discussing a modern sense of alienation.

It remains gloriously pop, however, with the stuttering drums underpinning some lush guitar elements. The band comment…

“It’s about moving to London, and feeling lonely there. It’s about accepting the alienation of adult life: when your friends grow up, they start doing their own thing, and it doesn’t necessarily line up with where you are and where you’re going. People might leave you, but not from your sense of self. You can lose a friend, but they’re still shaping who you are and how you act, and that’s a nice way of holding onto people”.

Tune in now.

Catch Mandrake Handshake at London’s Paper Dress Vintage on November 19th.

Photo Credit: Lola Stephen

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