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Mahalia returns with new single ‘Bag Of You’.

The Midlands songwriter is on the march, opening out a fresh chapter in her work. The Grammy nominated R&B artist supported Adele over the summer, and shared a string of singles in the process.

‘Letter To Ur Ex’ and ‘Whatever Simon Says’ were explicitly emotional, and she continues on this path with new single ‘Bag Of You’.

Out now, it’s a poised, open vocal, with Mahalia channelling a blissful sense of contentment. Immersing herself in the security of love, ‘Bag Of You’ is a beautiful return, with her voice sitting on a soft sonic foundation designed by JD Reid and Max Pope.

Mahalia comments…

“This song is one of my favourites so far. ‘Bag Of You’ is all about that sweet spot in a relationship when everything is just lovely. Where the idea of being without that person – even just for a second – is too much to bare. I love everything about this record. It’s definitely the start of what’s to come next year.”

Mahalia re-unites with Oli Kane to work on the video, which opens on a sunlit beach as the singer is joined by her love. The sun sets, the two grow closer, and the song soars to its conclusion against the stunning landscapes.

Tune in now.

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