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London artist Maeve has shared new single ‘Can We Just Get High?’ – tune in now.

The songwriter reaches for love on this new single, blending soulful R&B tropes with pop appeal. Moving in her own lane, Maeve speaks from the heart, injecting everything she releases with a touch of truth.

‘Can We Just Get High?’ stems from her own experiences, with Maeve recently finding someone special. She comments:

“I didn’t believe in love, I had never seen one relationship that ever lasted – I knew how it would end. But someone came along and that all changed.”

Maeve directs the video herself, lifting inspiration from a string of independent cinema classics, including The Virgin Suicides, Midsommar, X and Daisies.

Bleakly humorous, it picks up on the song’s central message. She explains:

“When it came to the music video I wanted to interpret the general idea of escapism into it. I had just watched Věra Chytilová’s 1966 film and related to the main characters. At the beginning of the film they say ‘if everything’s going bad (in the world)… we’re going bad as well’ and the film trails into a psychedelic, surrealist dream where they cause absolute chaos. If everything goes bad in the world, I’m making my own.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mila Feiler

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