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London all-rounder Louis VI switches it up on new single ‘Yonn Manman Laté’.

An artist informed by jazz, hip-hop, R&B, his Dominican heritage and more, his debut album leaned on the Venn diagram between boom bap production and jazz improvisation.

Taking time out to recalibrate, Louis VI is ready to unveil a fresh era. New album ‘Earthling’ is out on March 31st, release through Nightmares On Wax new label HiyaSelf Recordings Unlimited.

Ahead of this, Louis VI is ready to share new song ‘Yonn Manman Laté’, an exploration of colonialism and slavery that asks… what if those historic events had never occurred?

A plea for communion with nature – “We need to step up and understand that this is our planet to take care of” – it’s propelled forward by drums from Moses Boyd.

Louis VI comments…

“What world would be like right now if we never had colonialism and slavery? I bet we wouldn’t be facing climate change… We could’ve been something different. Not this destructive species. We’d be living in harmony with nature.’” 

“The title comes from the Kweyol language from Dominica where my Dad’s side of the family are from. Yonn Manman Laté means = One Mother Nature. Me and Moses have our heritage from Dominica so it felt right to put it in our language.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Dylan James Moore

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