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London based enigma Loshh links with obongjayar on new single ‘k’.

The multi-hyphenate sits at the intersection of multiple styles and genres, constructing something unique into process. Debut EP ‘Ifarada’ caught attention with its stellar originality, fusing soulful appeal with an intricately faceted approach.

New EP ‘Akole’ features six tracks, affording Loshh further space to explore his singular aesthetic. Out on October 21st via the always-vital Don’t Sleep imprint, the project features some hand-picked guests.

Take new single ‘k’. Out now, it’s an enchanting return, one that displays the progress Loshh has made, while doubling down on the originality of his quest.

obongjayar guests on the song – the tour are currently on tour – and the match feels completely natural, the two sharing a pan-genre aesthetic. Opening with taut, plucked guitar strings, it moves between Highlife and modern soul, blurring the lines between generations.

“It’s been a rollercoaster journey of ups and downs since ‘Ifarada’. I had many ideas, my mind always felt like I had multiple tabs open,” Lossh explains. “It’s only been a year since I started making music and since I’ve had to navigate this world of music, I’ve had to learn to become patient with myself whilst allowing myself to be a sponge so I can grow and evolve.” 

Catch Lossh supporting obongjayar at London’s KOKO on September 30th.

Tune in now.

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