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Lobster Theremin founder Asquith has been accused of sexual assault.

The producer and DJ – real name Jimmy Asquith – founded the label in 2013, and across its near decade-long span the imprint has become known for pursuing a hazy, forward-thinking style of house music. Broadening its scope, Lobster Theremin is known for platforming new and left-field producers, building an imposing catalogue in the process.

Now Scottish producer INEZ has posted a statement alleging that Asquith sexually assaulted her. The powerful statement details unsettling behaviour, writing: “I was grabbed and asked forcefully to perform sexual acts while he exposed and touched himself”.

INEZ adds that she has left Lobster Theremin, and returned to Scotland; “I’m sick and tired of the music scene being such an unsafe place.”

Find the statement below.

The statement prompted widespread disgusted, with several producers immediately moving to sever ties with the label. Mr Mitch writes: “Always sickening to see men in positions of relative power abusing others.”

Production duo Black Girl / White Girl immediately attempted to remove their EP from the Lobster Theremin catalogue:

DJ Seinfeld described himself as “sickened and horrified” by the allegations, and he is seeking legal advise on the removal of his music from the label’s catalogue.

In addition to this, the other members of the Lobster Theremin team are believed to have stepped away from the label.

A few moments ago, Jimmy Asquith posted a statement online, “strongly refuting” the version of events shared by INEZ. He cites a “distorted narrative” before strongly condemning her story as “lies”.

The statement has been immediately called out by numerous people within club culture, with Chloe Robinson for example stating “there’s too many other people that have come forward with similar allegations to accept what’s been written here”.

You can find the Asquith statement below.

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