LIVE REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect with special guests Thornhill and Caligula’s Horse

LIVE REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect with special guests Thornhill and Caligula's Horse
The Butterfly Effect

There is always something a little bit special about the last night of a successful tour and tonight Fremantle’s Metropolis felt the full force of such a gig. The Butterfly Effect have been touring the outstanding new album ‘IV’ for the last few weeks, receiving rave reviews far and wide and with that comes added expectation. No one needed to worry as The Butterfly Effect blasted Fremantle with an outstanding performance to remember for a very long time, leaving many bruised, battered and extremely happy.

Caligula’s Horse

The last time I had been to Metropolis was back in 1993 when I was lucky to see INXS at their finest. Tonight, driving the 45 minutes from home to venue I was wondering what a Sunday night gig would bring in the way of numbers but as I turned the corner and approached the front door I was greeted by a long queue. Passing security I entered to find the main room brimming with people…not what I expected but great to see so many in to support the openers… and boy did they open! Australian Progressive Metal trailblazers Caligula’s Horse drove through a punchy powerful set to an eager crowd, urging participation at every possible opportunity. Small pockets of the main floor broke out into small moshes, a warning of things to come. Vocalist Jim Grey impressed from the off and was in fine voice all the while backed by his extra tight bandmates. Impressive stuff and a real bench mark setter for the night.


Thornhill have built a decent following over the last few years and this was evident from the moment they entered the stage. The crowd once again heaved and swayed as the Melbourne based metalcore band set to work in keeping the momentum going before the main act could make their mark. Looking from the balcony above it was clear to see night was an extremely decent crowd and as Thornhill closed their set you could feel the anticipation rise as we got ever closer to the main event, The Butterfly Effect.

The Butterfly Effect

Having interviewed lead vocalist Clint Boge recently (see HERE), I knew the excitement the band had generated, not only for the bands many fans but also between themselves as they finally got out to perform once again since Boge’s return and this was evident from the off. Tonight we were treated to a selection from the band’s complete back catalogue with four coming from the new album ‘IV’ including ‘Dark Light’, ‘So Tired’, ‘Nil By Mouth’ and the latest single, the outstanding ‘Visiting Hours’. Only three or four songs into the set and the floor became a mass of flaying arms, swirling bodies as the mosh grew in area and intensity. Guitarist Kurt Goedhart, bassist Glenn Esmond and drummer Ben Hall effortlessly controlled the tight stage; powerful, precise, hungry – the look of a band enjoying every moment of this long awaited tour.  Men & women of all ages jumped & pulled at each other as nervous security men watched from behind the steel barriers. 2006 album ‘Imago’ was plundered with five tracks played from this exceptional album… something for the die-hards. The newer tracks were well received but the crowd seemed to lift a notch or two when ‘older faves’ were performed. The energy in the room was electric throughout the set as the band neared the final few songs. ‘World’s on Fire’ from ‘Final Conversation of Kings’, and ‘Visiting Hours’ from ‘IV’ set up the finale with ‘Reach’ closing the night.

I don’t think I’ve witnessed such a powerful & energy filled room in a while and tonight left me hoping the band will be back out on the road very soon. With Clint Boge hinting to me that more new material has been written, we could very well see The Butterfly Effect returning sooner rather than later.

Photos by Linda Dunjey Photography

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