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Brighton quartet Lime Garden, despite only having a small discography, are a band that continue to prove themselves as one of the most exciting guitar acts from the UK in recent times. Channelling a signature blend of indie rock, post punk attitudes and synth pop, Lime Garden are sticking out in the saturated scene like a sore thumb – in truly the best way possible.

‘Bitter’ is the group’s second single of 2022, following up dancefloor-ready banger ‘Marbles’. This new track is a hazy, riff heavy track, supported by a pounding synth bass and smooth vocal work courtesy of vocalist Chloe Howard. The staccato guitar lines cut through the mix gracefully but also retain a jagged edge. Lead guitarist Leila Deeley shines once again, with ounces of tasteful guitar work blended with the band’s woozy yet stomping instrumentals.

Lime Garden are no strangers to infectious toplines – and ‘Bitter’ is no different. Infectious melodies are by the dozen on this new single. The subtle, glitch-tinted inflections during the outro develop even more ear candy, boasting Lime Garden’s ability to add new dimensions to their sound as well as constantly innovating the genre.

This new single continues to prove Lime Garden’s status as a serious ‘one to watch’. The band are constantly working, refining a prominent and high calibre discography as well as their live show. ‘Bitter’ has them taking even more steps forward sonically, steadily bolstering their star power and teases the potential of even larger success in the future. It really won’t be long until this quartet are hitting bigger stages and becoming a household name.

Tune in now.

Words: James Mellen
Photo Credit: Felix Sauerbrey

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