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Rising pop force Lila Drew has laid out plans for debut album ‘All The Places I Could Be’.

The songwriter has a real sense of depth to her work, perhaps brought into focus by her own experiences. LA raised, she studied in Yale before crossing the ocean to settle in London; packing a huge deal into her 22 years, Lila blends a literate sensibility with an empathetic touch in her songwriting.

‘All The Places I Could Be’ is out on November 11th, a moment of graduation for the singer. Out in just a few weeks, it’s led by new ballad ‘Lila’s Theme’, which is dominated by that gorgeous vocal.

A deft performance, ‘Lila’s Theme’ displays the influence of Joan Didion, and in particular her essay The White Album. A seminal moment in modern American literature, it is mirrored by Lila Drew’s own sense of honesty.

In a note, Lila discusses Didion’s depiction of Los Angeles in 1968, praising her “poignant” and “unromantic” writing. She adds…

“[Didion] was the first woman I’d ever read who talked about mental health with such honesty. I just love her work so much and it’s inspired a lot of my music and my non-music writing.”

I was thinking a lot about how communication was just so vastly different in the time she was writing ‘The White Album’ versus the time I was writing ‘Lila’s Theme’. How our relationships have changed so much because of the changes in communication. That’s what Lila’s Theme is all about, and a really central theme to a lot of the songs I’ve written.”

Director Vincent Haycock handles the cinematic video, which was shot at Luis Barragan’s Cuadra San Cristobal in Mexico City. 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Vincent Haycock

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