Leftfield Join With Fontaines DC Vocalist Grian Chatten For ‘Full Way Round’ | News

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Leftfield have shared new track ‘Full Way Round’.

The revered UK electronic project are back, with new album ‘This Is What We Do’ landing on December 2nd. Alongside this, Leftfield have totally overhauled their imposing live show, with four totally sold out dates incoming.

New song ‘Full Way Round’ continues Leftfield’s fine lineage of collaboration, with Fontaines DC frontman Grian Chatten loaning his vocals. The semi spoken word elements align perfectly, his downcast delivery met by the crunching industrial-level digitalism of the production.

The results are immense, and it’s fascinating to hear Grian Chatten’s voice in a completely different environment from his usual work.

Leftfield comment…

“‘Full Way Round’ was a perfect collaboration between beats and good vibes. Hard work and fun. Grian’s vocal is a free-flowing journey to be felt and experienced, rather than analysed. His energy and enthusiasm spits out from the speakers. Whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of the excitement in the studio when he recorded it.”

Tune in now.

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