Laundromat’s ‘Gloss’ Is An Odd-Pop Burner That Thrives On DIY Mess-thetics | News

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Laundromat has shared new single ‘Gloss’.

A figure steeped in DIY mess-thetics, Laundromat is continually creative. Seriously, songs simply pour out of this guy – so much so, in fact, that recent release ‘En Bloc’ was required to give all three of his EPs (so far) a decent vinyl home.

Set to play London’s Moth Club on October 12th, he’s just shared yet another dose of odd-pop glory. Reminiscent of the Beta Band or those early Metronomy singles, ‘Gloss’ has an artful edge, matching a broad, engrossing arrangement to sounds recorded quite literally on his phone.

An endearing, curiously inventive song, ‘Gloss’ seemed to unfurl itself across one ad hoc recording session. He comments…

“The initial idea for this tune sort of fell out of the sky and onto my lap. I was feeling it immediately, so I quickly recorded the bass part on my phone to make sure I didn’t forget it. When I listened back, it had a really cool energy so I ended up using it in the final mix. Maybe I’ll record bass with my phone from now on. I was hoping to get someone else to mix this, but ended up getting too into it, so this is another frantic DIY ‘gaffa tape mix.’ I also really love Josie’s voice, she brings something very special to the project.”

“Lyrically, Gloss is mostly about denial, more screen time than is healthy (seems to be a running theme at the moment), and the warped perspective that comes with that. Everyone I speak to is still very much picking up the pieces… like we’re all spectators to some fantastic shit-show…” 

Tune in now.

Catch Laundromat at London’s Moth Club on October 12th.

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