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Alt-pop riser Keeper returns with ‘Hero We Go’.

A rebel-pop hero with equal footing in the hyper-pop and alt realms, Keeper joins the dots between Enter Shikari, say, and Glaive. A true outsider voice, he’s found a kindred spirit in the form of producer Jon Cass, who sculpted debut EP ‘Guess I’m Keeper’.

Released last summer, he then went back into the studio, gathering his creative energies to focus on something new.

Out now, ‘Here We Go’ is his explosive next step, a true bulldozer of a single. Heavy in all the right ways, it’s a future-focussed torrent of ideas, one that bursts out of the barriers placed in its way.

All dazzling electronics and barbed low-end, ‘Here We Go’ finds Keeper learning to stay positive. He comments…

‘Here We Go’ is about my social skills. Or lack of. lol I’m not the best at keeping in contact. I started feeling like I was letting down my friends and myself. The people I love and care for so much, were slowly starting to fade away, and I was not only allowing it to happen… But I was the cause itself. 

So, I’ve started to work on myself. I’m doing and I’ve been making a continuous effort in fixing it. I’ve changed job. I’m seeing mates when I can and texting them back when I can’t I’m definitely not the best. It’s still an issue. But I’m working on it. Things ARE better, and every step that I take to improve this will mean the relationship between me and my friends will only get stronger.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sorin D

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