JYDN HILL’s ‘Regrets’ Dips Into Millennial R&B Sounds’ | News

JYDN HILL's 'Regrets' Dips Into Millennial R&B Sounds' | News

Rising R&B force JYDN HILL has shared smooth new song ‘Regrets’.

The Canadian voice has sketched out a unique universe across a flurry of releases, including his recent EP ‘Every Lie Is Two Lies’. Continuing his creative streak, JYDN HILL returns once more, sharing a brand new single.

Out now, ‘Regrets’ dips into the Millennial R&B playbook, lifting those impeccable piano chords from the glacial ballads Aaliyah made her own. Inverting these tropes, JYDN HILL speaks from the heart, making the sonic landscape his own.

A song about the collapse of a relationship, ‘Regrets’ finds JYDN HILL poised with longing: “You know your heart is made for mine / This love is hard to find, I ain’t going without a fight, baby.”

‘Regrets’ marks a fresh era for the songwriter, with JYDN HILL once more using music as a means to engage with personal evolution. A succinct yet emotive vocal, the sense of control makes ‘Regrets’ all the more endearing.

He comments…

“Everybody makes mistakes but if you’re real, you’ll right those wrongs… ‘Regrets’ is like a new stage in my life, for righting my wrongs when I know I f***d up. It’s a song that showcases my growth both as a person and an artist, and it’s a statement for how I plan to push R&B forward.” 

Tune in now.

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