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Croydon all-rounder Jords has shared details of his new album ‘Dirt In The Diamond’.

A songwriter, producer, singer, and rapper, Jords seems to view music in 360. His new album ‘Dirt In The Diamond’ aims to be his testimony, discussing Black British identity, inter-generational experiences, and his own life in profound detail.

Out on May 26th, the album features a range of special guests, with Jords applying his curatorial skill to the utmost. New single ‘iPray’ is out now, blending gospel and soul influences with strands of UK rap.

Joined by Wretch 32, Miles From Kinshasa, and Mrs Chambers, it’s a beautifully rounded track. Jords comments:

“To me, ‘iPray’ is like Simba’s conversation with Mufasa. Over the last year I’ve been having conversations about prayer; what prayer actually is, and why we only pray when we need help and not to say thank you.”

“My prayers feel more like diary entries, and to be able to go back and forth exchanging some of my deepest thoughts with Wretch is a blessing and an honour. I’m also glad I got to create this moment with Kadiata and Miles, two people who have been on the journey since Soundcloud.”

Director Renee Osubu works on the video, part of a larger work. A moving insight into communities whose voices are often not heard, you can check out ‘iPray’ below.

Photo Credit: Seif-Ali Umaar

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