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London based John Alone returns with new single ‘bad guy’.

The Nigerian born artist is part of a wave of R&B talent in the UK capital, with two projects in 2020 making his name. Twisting soulful songwriting in new directions, the strength of character in his work is truly intoxicating.

Returning with something fresh, John Alone switches it up for his new toxic fave ‘bad guy’. Online now, the soulful burner is self-consciously dark, with the singer channelling those mixed post break up feelings.

The vocal is packed with personality, while the lyrics twist from self-loathing to straight-up bragging. “People kinda laugh when I play [bad guy] to them but it’s really not a funny song at all, even though it sounds like one”, he says. “‘Bad Guy’ is the funnest, most toxic song I’ve ever made and I love it very much for that reason. It’s exactly what happens when you get high at 2am and shout into your microphone.

“The entire song is a stream of consciousness deluge. It’s written from the perspective of someone fresh from a break up who wants to have no-strings-attached sex with everyone in the world in order to avoid dealing with the things he’s really sad about. I don’t think sex should be as transactional as it feels like it’s become. That’s my one ‘deep thought’ of the day, I don’t know anything about anything”.

Tune in now.

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