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Nigerian-born, London-based riser John Alone has released airy pulser ‘Party in da endz.’

Noting the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Yves Tumor, Paramore and Kanye West as key influences in his sound, the singer and producer builds an eclectic fusion of hip-hop, r&b and trap.

The self-produced single leads with over-indulgent synths and resonating drums, making room for John’s vocals as they weave between longing hooks and the more distinct and hard-hitting verses. Steering away from the familiar tropes of heartbreak and melancholy that shaped his earlier work, the 25-year-old now dips into after-hour euphoria and escapism. 

Spending his formative years in Nigeria, John found himself absorbing the musical inclinations of his religious household, all the meanwhile soaking in its alternative, rebellious forces. With a taste for experimentation, at age four the multi-disciplinary learnt to play the drums which would later broaden his reach in rhythm and patterns. To this day, John Alone takes charge in his creative autonomy and self-sufficiency, writing, producing and performing his own music.

‘Party in da endz’ follows 2021’s EP ‘Scared Money,’ a project that encouraged John’s self-discovery and landed him onto the radar of tastemakers and those looking to blur the boundaries between genres.

John describes: “I wanted a song people could just vibe to and have a good time. I was just messing around on logic one day and played the main melody that’s present in the song. Built the rest of the song around it and about an hour and a half later ‘party in da endz’ existed. It’s just about vybzing in endz, it’s got nothing overly complex to say about anything, which is kind of the point. Just bubble and vibes innit”.

Drawing this summer to a close, John Alone leaves his imprint with a ceremonial slow-burner.

Tune in now…

Words: Ana Lamond

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