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Jo Hill has shared her beautiful new single ‘Other Girl’.

Out now, it finds the Somerset artist opening herself out to fresh influences, linking with fellow riser Delilah Montagu for something new. ‘Other Girl’ arose from their first ever session together, and it feels totally natural, the work of two voices in tandem.

An organic, enriching return, the experience seemed to boost Jo Hill’s confidence, allowing her creativity to intertwine with Delilah Montagu.

She comments…

 “Essentially me and D-dawg wrote this song in our first-ever session. We met through my boyfriend (Benj) and at first we weren’t sure what the vibe would be but then Delilah got on the guitar, Benj came up with some drums and I remember going to the toilet and humming the melody, coming back and we wrote the verses instantly. It was the first song we ever wrote together and we absolutely loved it so we’ve been writing together ever since.”

“I’m literally staying with Delilah now in LA! I think we fit really really well and share the same inspirations and musical taste. I guess that’s why it all came together so organically. We wanted to write a Dolly Parton – ‘Jolene’ vibe and ended up writing this funny song about being the other girl. This song is for driving and sunsets. I feel the fans should feel a warmth, like they’ve been hit by a modern country ABBA vibe.”

For her part, Delilah adds:

“Ditto what Jo said. It’s such a feel-good track that really captures our combined sense of humour. Since then we’ve been writing loads together and become really good friends and it’s just organically become this amazing project. Jo came up with this incredible wedding dress concept and actualising that has been amazing. I’m really excited for this song to come out and am really proud of it.”

Tune in now.

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