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London based riser Jasmine Jethwa has shared new single ‘Golden’.

Originally a dancer, Jasmine Jethwa gradually leaned in to songwriting, learning to express herself in a new way. Freshly released debut EP ‘Hurricane’ was impressive, marked by classic influences such as Joni Mitchell, but expressed in a new way.

Set to play St Pancras Old Church in London on December 8th, Jasmine follows her debut EP with a brand new single. Out now, ‘Golden’ is a beautiful return, the hushed, free-flowing creativity coupled to a lyrical assurance.

The song deals with the first few weeks of romance, a time for testing each other out, and locating common ground. Moving from wry, tongue in cheek observations to open emotion, ‘Golden’ taps into Jasmine’s refulgent charm.

She comments…

“’Golden’ is about the early stages of infatuation – the push and pull in a relationship. It’s about the constant unease felt when learning about each other, connected then detached, feeling close to someone and then apart – and how even that is part of the enchantment.”

The song has a continuous feeling of instability and uncertainty, mirrored in the open choruses and more personal verses. I think compared to my usual writing, Golden feels younger and more hopeful, perhaps even naive, but I like the purity of feeling, before things are jaded with knowing someone more and love getting heavier.”

Tune in now.

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