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Jack Garratt returns with new single ‘Just How I Like It’.

The songwriter released his last album ‘Love, Death & Dancing’ in the opening months of 2020, a launch that wasn’t without evident difficulties. The pandemic strolled in, ripped up the rulebook, and ruined his plans. “For me, it bred a lot of frustration,” he says. “I couldn’t tour the record, which is half of its journey, really.” 

Putting his frustrations into music, Jack Garratt found himself constructing song after song. Freshly signed to his new home Skint Records – a legendary dance imprint – a full EP is incoming, led by ‘Just How I Like It’.

The sound of someone reclaiming their art, the song is a vessel for Jack to release those pent up emotions. Lyrics about home parties lean on lockdown exuberance, while ‘Just How I Like It’ returns the songwriter to his electronic production skills.

Jack says… 

“‘Just How I Like It’ is a song about release and reclamation. I wrote it in the summer of 2021, when I wasn’t sure what to do with all the music I’d written over lockdown, as it was all pretty depressing. So rather than work on any of it, I started making dance music to cheer myself up. This is the first of those dance tracks. It is an instructional song on how to drink tequila. I personally like it with a squeeze of lime. And then I like to dance. So I wrote a song about that.”

Jack Garratt will play a headline show in London on November 22nd, at the freshly opened HERE at Outernet venue.

Tune in now.

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