J Grrey shares new single “Boys?”

J Grrey shares new single "Boys?"

“Boys?” is a searing tongue-in-cheek track blasting the boys who’ve patronised, wronged and generally pissed JGrrey off.

Speaking of the track, she explains: “”Boys?” is a song for the girls and the gays who hated school, PE, religious education, being told what to wear and what to do. “Boys?” is an f you to every ex who made me feel shit about myself, any tiny man child that doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to articulate more than a desire to go to the pub on a Friday.”

“Boys?” follows “May” which features longtime friend Kojey Radical, and the queer anthem “Theirs13”. J Grrey has also featured on the latest Baxter Dury singles, “Aylesbury Boy”, and “Leon”.

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