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Humour have shared their new single ‘pure misery’.

The band formed in Glasgow across Those Multiple Lockdowns, putting their time to good use with endless writing sessions. A flurry of live shows followed, with Humour sketching out their identity across the New Normal.

Support slots with Do Nothing and Folly Group have followed, with tastemaker imprint So Young Records signing the band.

New EP ‘pure misery’ is out on November 25th, and the title track is online now. Barbed wire wrapped around barbed wire, the endless angles on display feel like an Escher puzzle, with Humour’s post-punk variants battling into infinity.

Singer Andreas Christodoulidis applies a caustic feel to the surrealistic word play, with ‘pure misery’ erupting out of the speakers. The frontman says the song “is about finding or putting yourself in a position where you are expected to have something important to say, and realising that you don’t really.”

“I wrote the song about being a singer in a band, and standing up to address lots of people in a very serious way as though I must have something meaningful to relate; something the audience needs to hear. It feels a little ridiculous doing that sometimes, especially when the songs are most often just about stories or feelings.”

“So the narrator of the song is supposed to be trying to convince the audience that he has something very profound to tell them, and he’s kind of stalling until he can come up with something…”

Tune in now.

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