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NYC based songwriter Hannah Jadagu shares new song ‘Say It Now’.

Freshly signed to Sub Pop, Hannah Jagadu is a student in the Big Apple, but she’s originally from Texas. A potent voice, what we’ve heard so far is intriguing, matching drifting pop-edged indie melodies to a literate sense of lyricism.

There’s more to come, seemingly, but new single ‘Say It Now’ is a wonderful kicking off point. A lucid slice of indie pop, the hazy guitars wrap themselves around a lyric that refuses to shy away from difficult questions, most notably aimed at its narrator.

Hannah Jagadu wants to push herself further into her relations, with ‘Say It Now’ becoming a point of openness; in turn, it draws you in, the track itself seeming to emerge in a different place than where it began.

Online now, the intimate video was shot on Hannah’s travels to Paris. She comments…

“’Say It Now’ is my sort of inner reflection on where things have gone wrong in my past interactions and relationships with other people. Sonically and lyrically, I feel as though this song signifies me venturing into a new world that is even more intense and vulnerable.”

“Making this video was so special because I got to make it during my first visit to Paris. We shot it in about two days, showcasing a sort of day-in-the-life where I do studio work and get to go around the city. It’s a nice contrast to the lyrical content, because there’s truly no time to be sad in Paris.”

Hannah Jagadu will play the UK in November, including a set at Pitchfork London.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sterling Smith

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