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Gotts Street Park team up with Rosie Lowe for new single ‘Summer Breeze’.

The Leeds beat crew are renowned for their singular sound, a kind of frosted, sub-zero take on modern soul. Sought after by some of the biggest names around, their collaborative nous has resulted in a flurry of superb releases.

Out now, ‘Summer Breeze’ taps into the lingering whispers of the season, a loose-knit jam interwoven around a sublime Rosie Lowe vocal. A song to send chills down your spine, there’s a reflective elasticity in the relationship between band and vocalist, with ‘Summer Breeze’ exemplifying their uniquely expressive charms.

As Rosie Lowe puts it: “‘Summer Breeze’ is an ode to anyone stuck in a toxic relationship. I wrote the chorus as a mantra, a reminder not to settle for anything less than someone who makes you feel amazing…” 

Going deeper on the song, Gotts Street Park explain: “The instrumental for ‘Summer Breeze’ is basically us hanging out in the studio and jamming – you can hear us chatting and laughing in the background.”

“Sometimes you can lose the essence of a song when you decide to tidy it up and re-record it, so we just kept it for what it is. Collaborating with Rosie is an absolute no-brainer for us, she’s super talented and creative and there was instant chemistry on this tune.” 

Tune in now.

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