Gold Panda Shares Glitchy New Beaut ‘The Dream’

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Gold Panda has shared new song ‘The Dream’.

The glitch-laden wonder is the latest teaser of his new album, with ‘The Work’ set to emerge on November 11th via City Slang. His first for some time, the record is about mental health, sobriety, and family connections, with Gold Panda due to launch the project at London’s Printworks on November 5th.

‘The Dream’ is typically effervescent, fusing digital effects with those lush harp elements; as ever, Gold Panda’s painterly touches lingers on the emotive, and the melancholic.

He comments…

“‘The Dream’ was actually multiple songs to begin with, the harpy bits were separate but I dropped those samples into this song and it just went together really nicely, the drums were made in max/msp and then sampled into an MPC. Organic sounding vinyl samples and digital drums and textures are my favourite combination.”

“I never knew how this song would end up, a bit like a dream, a new element is introduced, seemingly out of place until the other parts come back in again… then suddenly it was finished! Now I can hear it finally as a whole piece, it existed as multiple songs for so long and it makes no sense and total sense.”

Director Rob Brandon steers the video, interweaving iPhone effects around real world scenarios. Eye-catching and distinct, it mirrors the music perfectly. He comments: “I was trying out a bunch of VR apps on my iPhone 6 and stumbled on some fun stuff. It’s a combination of the things I’ve been exploring for the last year.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Laura Lewis 

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