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Gilla Band have shared new song ‘Post Ryan’.

The Irish noise rock group are vastly influential on a whole generation of new groups, yet they remain at the absolute forefront of cutting edge music. New album ‘Most Normal’ is out on October 7th, channelling everything from bizarre guitar effects through to the simmering influence of Stateside hip-hop production.

New song ‘Post Ryan’ is fantastic, the clipped beat borrowed from ‘I Ran’ by Flock Of Seagulls – “we thought, that’s a really great, immediate pop-sounding beat, let’s start there and go somewhere else” – before moving somewhere abstract, and completely unknown.

Dara Kiely’s lyrics touch on free association, before touching on mental health; at times, it’s wide open, and completely direct.

 “Our friend Ryan turned 30 during lockdown and we were asked by his mates to make a track for his birthday,” singer Dara Kiely explains, “We wrote and recorded ‘Happy Birthday Ryan’ (a hair metal attempt penned by our secret Hard Rock alias, The Whisky Guns). Right after that we came up with the bones of what is now known as ‘Post Ryan’. This probably took the longest time out of all the tracks. The words of the track were originally really silly. There’s was a line about wearing Christmas socks all year round. Stupid stuff. It didn’t really fit the tone.”

“After messing around with the Electro Lobotomy and getting the second half of it figured out, I improvised a melody over it. The lads wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and write something really direct. This was the exact opposite of the approach we had for ‘The Talkies’. Felt very naked. I had to leave the room when I showed them my demo of the new vocals.”

Michael Speed directs the eye-catching animated video – tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mark McGuinness

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