George FitzGerald’s ‘Not As I’ Offers Beatific Calm | News

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George FitzGerald returns with ‘Not As I’.

The new song is the title track of his incoming EP, which gains a physical release on August 11th through Domino Records. George FitzGerald plays a launch party at Peckham’s Jumbi tonight – June 8th – with the material slanting more towards “the calmer and more intimate part of my sound”.

Aiming to construct “music that occupies a liminal space between club and home listening”, this approach imbues the title track with beatific energy. A calming experience, it’s a digital sound bath, blending melodic assurance with a subtle intricacy.

“’Not As I’ embodies the theme I felt throughout writing this EP of wanting to slow down and take a breath somehow,” the producer explains. “Whilst everything around me continues to accelerate. A return to writing patient music in an impatient world.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst

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