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Gabrielle Aplin has shared new song ‘Never Be The Same’.

The Bath-raised songwriter has had a remarkable decade-long journey, containing No. 1 hits and no small degree of self-analysis. Incoming album ‘Phosphorescent’ spins the creative dials once more with Gabrielle Aplin searching for some kind of balance in her life.

As a result, she’s built the record in as sustainable a way as possible – the vinyl pressing uses discarded wax from the plant, for example.

New song ‘Never Be The Same’ gets to the essence of the project, with the lyrics exploring the newly rediscovered post-lockdown freedoms. A song about learning to become an artist once more, Gabrielle comments…

“’Never Be The Same’ was the last song I wrote for ‘Phosphorescent’. It’s about rediscovering who you are at your core when everything you thought made you the person you are is stripped away. I really felt that in March 2020 and so did many people. After a very strange, scary and uncertain couple of years I feel like a lot of us went back to basics and the things that really mattered to us changed completely.”

Tune in now.

‘Phosphorescent’ will be released on January 13th.

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