flowerolove Shares New EP ‘A Mosh Pit In The Clouds’ | News

flowerolove Shares New EP 'A Mosh Pit In The Clouds' | News

At just seventeen years old, South London indie-popper flowerovlove is striving for stardom. Joyce Cisse, the name behind flowerovlove, has quietly yet consistently put out material since 2020, with single ‘Malibu’ pushing her into the limelight. Since her breakthrough Cisse has continued to release high-calibre, sugary sweet singles, amidst a slew of festival appearances and a UK tour supporting American heartthrob Role Model.

Brand new EP ‘A Mosh Pit in the Clouds’ is a quick blast of breezy indie pop. ‘Get With You’ goes past in a flash, a sub-two-minute dose of pop punk infused indie pop. Cisse’s vocal performances flit between deadpan and emotive, depending on where the instrumental takes her. ‘Gone’ is a haze of blurry backing vocals, keys and synths, a sombre moment on such an upbeat project. At only seventeen, Cisse has unbridled potential; especially when already release music of this calibre.

‘A Mosh Pit in the Clouds’ keeps it short and sweet, twelve minutes of saccharine pop. It feels like it could be a resurgence of the 2017-bedroom pop scene, which saw the likes of Gus Dapperton and Clairo (among others) shoot to stardom. That scene marked a new wave of guitar and indie music, the teenage post-Mac DeMarco style. Flowerovlove, despite her age, has already refined and carved out a sound that is undeniably her, with this EP being a perfect introduction to her world – a world that is only going to get bigger.

Tune in now.

Words: James Mellen
Photo Credit: TJJ

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