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Multi-faceted production talent Flaurese has shared his new EP ‘Over My Shoulder’ in full.

Out now via his own GAZE RCDS imprint, it’s a dose of soulful dancefloor flavours, injecting some pop vitality into his club influences. Leaning on the euphoria of house music, the project was led by gorgeous movers ‘Gaze At Me’ and ‘In My Arms’.

The full EP is out now, and ‘Over My Shoulder’ becomes an ad hoc portrait of its maker. “It is all about how different environments have subconsciously led me to love different forms of dance music, a challenge if you like,” explains Flaurese. 

He adds: “In my head, I’ve made a melody and then I’ve thought about something or someone, or overheard a conversation, which then gives me the song idea.” 

“I wanted to show the different corners of dance music in my head. Building little stories and lullabies felt like the end goal but I took a gamble on some material that I doubted for many reasons but the sense of relief makes me wanna experiment more and really delve into the little gaps between pop and a dance-floor.” 

Available to stream in full, Flaurese has also highlighted his Alexandria collab ‘Loath To Love’ via some cartoonish visuals. Tune in now, and then check out the EP after the jump.

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