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Fauness has shared her new single ‘Hours’.

The electronic pop artist has sights on her debut album, with ‘The Golden Ass’ set to be released on October 28th through Cascine. Astute, mature pop music, Fauness blends left-field electronics with a desire for emotional directness.

New single ‘Hours’ epitomises her approach, with Fauness picking apart the relationship between time and money in our modernist capitalist society. Insightful and intelligent, the lyrics sit on top of a tick-tock beat that supplies some infectious pop thrills.

She comments…

“’Hours’ is one of the few songs I’ve made where the lyrics were written after the music. The pounding nature of the beat made me think of a clock ticking, which reminded me of how I always feel like I’m at war with time, wishing there were more hours, minutes, seconds in the day.”

“I mind myself thinking, if only I could manipulate time, expand and contract it according to what I need and what is required of me. Time is bound up with pleasure, ie, more time to do things you enjoy. This pleasure is the first thing to be sacrificed as the capitalist order makes its cruel demands on our time. Some say time is just as precious as money, but sadly time doesn’t pay the bills.” 

Watch the fun video for ‘Hours’ below.

Photo Credit: Sylwia Wozniak

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