Everything Everything current new single, “The Mad Stone”

Everything Everything announce their seventh studio album, Mountainhead

As with the remainder of the Mountainhead album, “The Mad Stone” was produced by Alex Robertshaw and Tom A.D. Fuller below their shared pseudonym Kaines & Tom AD.

Talking of the newest single, “The Mad Stone”, Jonathan Higgs says “This tune units out the grand narrative of the album, whereby a society is ceaselessly constructing an immense mountain, at the price of residing within the ensuing large gap (quarry). Alex created an orchestral accompaniment and we recorded a variety of group vocals to offer it a sort municipal choral sound.”

“The Mad Stone” and “Chilly Reactor” present a primary perception into the Mountainhead idea. It presents another society fuelled by an nearly spiritual fervour during which these on the lowest rung of the ladder are compelled to work relentlessly to maintain its elite, on the mountain’s peak, elevated. Whereas it’s a principle that appears to a nightmarish future, it’s filled with participating metaphors for our present existence, from capitalism and environmentalism to faith and technologically detachment.

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