Esther Rose Plans New Album ‘Safe To Run’ | News

Esther Rose Plans New Album 'Safe To Run' | News

Esther Rose opens a new era with incoming album ‘Safe To Run’.

The follow-up to her wonderful full length ‘How Many Times’, it is her first since inking a deal with New West Records. Out on April 21st, the 11 track set was pieced together in New Orleans, LA, and Placitas in New Mexico, with producer Ross Farbe at the helm.

New song ‘Chet Baker’ is a wonderful return, the organic warmth of the production giving her voice a subtle cushion to rest upon. Lyrically, she delves into old memories, a full circle moment that allows Esther the change to grapple with self-realisation.

She comments…

Someone sent me a DM, asking ‘do you remember me.’ I was transported into a decade-old memory; a weird weekend with a crew of dangerous college preps, a car crash. What came out is this short study of my townie life in Ann Arbor.

As I was writing this song, it occurred to me how lucky I was to have survived that time of willful recklessness. I wanted to empathize with my younger self, like, ‘it’s alright, you were 23. You were out of control. I got you now. You’re okay.’

A chance to look to the future, you can check out ‘Chet Baker’ – with its neat, dance-themed video – below.

1. Stay 
2. Chet Baker 
3. Spider 
4. Safe to Run (feat. Hurray For The Riff Raff)
5. St. Francis Waltz 
6. New Magic II 
7. Dream Girl 
8. Insecure 
9. Levee Song 
10. Full Value 
11. Arm’s Length

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