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Endie has shared new single ‘love like that’.

The pop voyager hails from New Orleans, part of a fresh generation of creators grappling with some age-old themes. Blending digital tropes with incisive songwriting, he started placing demos on SoundCloud almost as a hobby, before quickly gaining a global following.

He’s not about to let numbers distract him from the art, however, and new single ‘love like that’ is part of this. An incisive return, it represents a moment of reflection from the creator, who seeks to blend the strands in his work, forging a unified whole.

He sings:

“The world spins it doesn’t stop when you feel like it should / How could you be living your best life if you’re always online / When you’re typing line after line…”

Discussing his new single, Endie comments: “‘love like that’ pulls a lot of my current emotions together into one body of work.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: @imaginaryislandla

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