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Enigmatic R&B duo Emotional Oranges have made their return with Autumnal warmer ‘Cardigan.’

Yet to unveil their identity, core members V & A merge forces with Unusual Demont to fuse the more acoustic, alternative and soulful elements in their pop-leaning sound. Released via independent label Avant Garden, the track situates itself on the brink of the LA group’s 2021 Fall Tour, celebrating their union on stage. 

The elevating keys of an organ set the opening tone, layering over rough and ready guitar chords with spacey electronics that progress into an eclectic listen. Penning an ear-worm hook that details the entanglements of romance and relationships, ‘Cardigan’ undoubtedly lends itself to swaying, intimate crowds.

It’s a close-knit following that backs Emotional Oranges, earning them cosigns and collaborations with the likes of Vince Staples, Big Piig, Kiana Lede and Chiiild. Far-reaching in their influences, it’s a relaxed production that can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of contemporary sounds, equally spotlighting the voices of those rising or well-versed in their career.

Unusual Demont comments:

“I made the first version of ‘Cardigan’ while on a plane from Wisconsin to LA, one of the first times I ever left home. I was actually wearing a cardigan when I wrote it, and I remember just wanting to make a really catchy hook that would be fun to sing with friends at a party or scream at a concert.”

Demont continues, “I was sitting on the original version that was just my verse and hook for a really long time and one day I played it for EO and they loved it. V and A fit on it so well and brought that element to it that I felt was missing solo. I’m so glad to be able to put this out / perform this with them, and I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Stepping into a new chapter that finds the two reclaiming their independence, ‘Cardigan’ is an easy-going and charismatic offering. 

Tune in now.

Words: Ana Lamond

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