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Elkka returns with new single ‘I Just Want To Love You’.

The producer’s previous EP ‘Harmonic Frequencies’ marked a point of creative expansion, with Elkka taking that energy into her summer sets.

New track ‘I Just Want To Love You’ is out now on Ninja Tune, and it contains a sample of John Martyn’s lush, proto-ambient piece ‘Small Hours’ – a song that seemingly holds a special place for Elkka and her partner, photographer Alexandra Lambert.

Opening with those familiar guitar effects, Elkka then dips into house territory, combining the layered sonics of John Martyn with surging system-focussed rhythms.

She comments…

At the heart of it, I hope it will be a soundtrack for everyone and anyone to have the freedom to express their love – whether it’s romantic, between friends or a mother and daughter. Everyone deserves to be loved.

A short clip for ‘I Just Want To Love’ has also gone live, featuring a number of people discussing what love means to them – featuring narrators of all ages and backgrounds, it’s a beautiful watch.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Alex Lambert

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