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Dutch Uncles will release new album ‘True Entertainment’ on March 10th.

The new album is the band’s first since 2017, following the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Big Balloon’. Since then, Robin Richards has embarked on solo soundtracking endeavours, but the group reconvened last year to focus on something new.

Incoming album ‘True Entertainment’ lands on March 10th, led by the fascinating title track. A fizzing, left-field ear-worm, the song comes equipped with a neat video shot in Droylsden Working Men’s Club – the vocal in the video is actually live, underlining the theme of performance.

Dutch Uncles’ vocalist Duncan Wallis explains…

“I know too well myself the mountainous task these poor sods have, and the mental gymnastics required to envision it being remotely successful, so in a way, this pays tribute to the craft. I was determined to fashion a goatee beard for the shoot, to separate myself from the character – it is a character. But I was mortified to see myself in the gold suit, immediately understanding Elvis’ pain.”

Director Nick Middleton adds: “When I was researching Elvis’ gold suit, I found that he actually really hated it and only wore it two or three times. I think the idea of a job that’s meant to bring joy to people’s hearts being really tiring – and sometimes even hateful – really intriguing. I think people can relate to that.”

Tune in now.

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