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DJ Yoda and Eva Lazarus combine on new single ‘My Energy’.

The renowned turntablist and producer will release new album ‘Prom Nite’ on November 18th, another selection of ultra-creative club vignettes. An artist who slices into the past to create paths into the future, DJ Yoda is joined by a plethora of guests on the incoming LP.

New single ‘My Energy’ is a soulful burner, an attempt to blend the innocence of doo-wop with the grit of boom-bap hip-hop production. DJ Yoda heads together these different eras, with the majestic Eva Lazarus on hand to supply vocals.

DJ Yoda comments… “I went all out 1950s doo-wop soul on this one, and tried to make my version of music from the high school dance in ‘Back To The Future’, if hip-hop had existed then. Eva is a jaw-droppingly talented individual, so I can’t think of anyone that could have realised this vision better with me!”

The ultra-cool video was crafted by Corben Lamb, and it pieces together A.I. generated images to craft another look at 50s Americana.

Tune in now.

 Photo Credit: Khali Ackford

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