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Death Valley Girls will release new album ‘Islands In The Sky’ on February 24th.

The West Coast mainstays are back, with a new album set to land in the opening weeks of 2023. The LA band have been hard at work in the studio, perfectly another brew of psych-pop, garage punk, and bubblegum.

‘Islands In the Sky’ is out on February 24th, and it’s led by new single ‘What Are The Odds’. Driven forwards by a surf pop guitar line reminiscent of the B-52s, its dazzling pop appeal owes a debt to Madonna’s evergreen single ‘Material Girl’.

Out now, it finds Death Valley Girls returning to their core values – a scuzzy pop song with an acerbic wit, ‘What Are The Odds’ is devilishly imaginative.

About the track, lead-member Bonnie Bloomgarden offers

“When we wrote ‘I’m A Man Too’ we were trying to revisit No Doubt’s ‘I’m Just A Girl’ but through a new lens. ‘What Are The Odds’ is in the same way an investigation /revisitation of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ but with a DVG spin. We love to think about consciousness, and existence, and we very much believe in some type of reincarnation, but also that this experience isn’t linear, there isn’t a past and future, there’s something else going on! What is it? Is it a simulation, are we simulated girls??!”

Tune in now.

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