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DEADLETTER have shared new single ‘Weights’.

The band’s debut EP ‘Heat!’ is out on November 18th, with SO Recordings handling the release. A flurry of emphatic live shows have scorched their path, including a spot at Paris Fashion Week, playing designer Hedi Slimane’s personal after-party.

The group’s new single ‘Weights’ comes as they prepare to hit London’s 100 Club, and it deals with emotional legacy. Out now the heavy duty indie-punk workout is blessed with a skronking saxophone solo, while the lyrics deal with the weight of experience, the chains we build around our inner lives.


Weights’ in parts, is a pessimistic musing on the experiences you take with you through life, which can feel like a physical burden to be dragged without reprieve. But it’s also a track of silver linings, as it aims to cement the idea that it’s fine to accept that you’re not always alright, and that you can ask for help should things get too heavy – and that’s often the only way of lessening the load. It’s informed by sorrow and self-loathing, but also joy and healing.”

Tune in now.

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