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DEADLETTER have shared new single ‘Madge’s Declaration’.

The six-piece have caused waves with their caustic yet dance-able sound, with Placebo inviting them on their current UK tour. Set to play a special BBC Introducing set at London’s Lexington on December 1st, the band have just broken cover with a brand new single.

Recorded at Hackney’s Pony Studios with producer Elliot Heinrich, the six-piece use ‘Madge’s Declaration’ to push back against greed. It’s an exhortation against neo-liberalism and the guiding hand of the market, but it does so with wit, and no small degree of humour.

Frontman Zac Lawrence sings: “I’ve got a lovely pair of shoes / But no soul…”

Lifting the idea from Madonna’s famed quote “we are living in a material world”, the song subverts this idea in a plea for humanity. It’s also got a killer bassline, too.

Zac Lawrence comments… 

“We wanted to make something that had elements of humour and danceability, trying to explore a genuinely terrifying idea in a manner which mirrors our cultural fascination with it. Our tendency to work around the drumbeat and bassline is highly evident here, with the song climaxing in a cacophony of primal ecstasy.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Joe Mulville

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