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David Poe has shared new song ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’.

An artist who remains truly infatuated with songwriting as an art, this American craftsman has a deep history behind him. Songs penned by David Poe have been performed by a number of artists, including T-Bone Burnett, Larry Klein, Buddy Miller, and Dave Sitek.

A composer fellow of the Sundance Institute, he’s worked for film and television, grappling with all challenges and opportunities in his way.

New album ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’ finds David Poe returning to his art, moving from 60s flecked Americana through to elements of trap production in the process.

Talking about the album Poe explains: “These songs are like wild animals hearing a drone overhead – A culture that declares art to be disposable will get disposable art.

He adds: “There’s a difference between art and entertainment. It’s not to say that one is greater than the other, that art can’t be entertaining or entertainment can’t be arty. But there is a difference. The best pop lives where art and entertainment intersect.”  

The title track is a point of focus – opening with gently picked guitar notes, it gradually moves into something sweeping and imposing. The hushed vocal rises in confidence, with ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’ illustrating his aesthetic maturity.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Smith

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