Daniel Avery, HAAi Combine On Magical ‘Wall Of Sleep’ | News

Daniel Avery, HAAi Combine On Magical 'Wall Of Sleep' | News

Daniel Avery and HAAi combine on new track ‘Wall Of Sleep’.

The English producer debuted his all-new live show at the start of summer, airing it on the continent before heading to Glastonbury for a Worthy Farm highlight. New album ‘Ultra Truth’ is incoming, with the path to its November 4th release lit up by fresh previews.

Online now, ‘Wall Of Sleep’ opens in twinkling electronic ambience before settling into a heads-down techno chugger, shot through with ethereal vocals from close friend and collaborator HAAi.

The mixture borders shoegaze in its gauzy beauty, with ‘Wall Of Sleep’ tapping into wider conduits running through the album as a whole. The results are magnificent, with ‘Wall Of Sleep’ embodying the producer’s more painterly aspects, while still retaining his thirst for club energy.

Daniel Avery comments…

“In many ways ‘Wall Of Sleep’ defines the aesthetic of the whole album. A cave in which to get lost, drawn towards a burning light, hopeful steps forward, flanked by your favourite people – in my case here Manni Dee and the returning, soaring voice of HAAi. The Ultra Truth draws ever nearer.”

Tune in now.

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