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Rising force Cristina Hart has shared precocious new single ‘Never Be Her’.

The stellar pop star-in-the-making channels alt-rock thrills through a melodic prism, speaking her truth to fans. A Gen Z voice who isn’t about to be hemmed in, each new song from Cristina finds her questing towards freedom.

Reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo, you can also hear aspects of Tate McRae in her approach, too – we’d also say that Cristina Hart is worth aligning alongside fellow riser Dylan, in terms of sheer zesty originality.

Upcoming project ‘online therapy’ offers her vision in widescreen, with Cristina Hart busy sketching in the finer details. New single ‘Never Be Her’ has just been unleashed, and it’s a terrific blast of alt-pop with an impeccably catchy chorus and incredibly intelligent lyrics.

A song about jealousy and spite, it flips those negative emotions on their head, asking the listener to work on themselves. ‘Never Be Her’ is about growth, with Cristina commenting…

‘Never Be Her’ is my most passive aggressive song. It’s about falling into that rabbit hole of comparing yourself to people on the internet – like your ex’s new girlfriend – and putting them on a pedestal while knowing virtually nothing about them (other than the highlights we all handpick to share).

It’s about feeling that unchecked, toxic jealousy sitting within you and nitpicking everything about yourself against what you think you should be. It’s a bitter, toxic one which highlights how – when you’re jealous of someone – they’re not really the problem and we probably need to work on ourselves.

Tune in now.

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