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Crazy Town have taken to social media to lambast former drummer Roland Banks.

The band are now led by Seth Binzer on his own, with a revolving line up around him. Roland Banks held down the drum stool for five years, joining the long-running American band in 2017.

However the relationship soured, with Roland Banks departing Crazy Town earlier this year. Overnight Seth Binzer posted a lengthy – and potentially libellous – missive aimed at the musician (since deleted) complaining about his drug habit, lack of musicianship, and inability to learn the words to Crazy Town’s evergreen karaoke staple ‘Butterfly’.

The post alleges that Roland Banks was “a cocain (sic) dealer” who “played like he was loyal but gossips and creates drama like a child”.

Seth says “I was told by band member after band member that the drummer was so bad it was ruining our band” before breaking loose. In a rant, he calls Roland Banks a “45 year old EMO screamo drug dealing bitch ass” and a “spoiled cop caller” before labelling him “the biggest hypocrite pussy I have ever come across.”

Perhaps the most damning comment: “He never even learned the words to ‘Butterfly’ after four years…”

The post has been deleted. Find a screenshot below.

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