Craig Vill Shares Potent New Single ‘When I’ve Had Enough’ | News

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Craig Vill has shared his intriguing new single ‘When I’ve Had Enough’.

An artist who is fascinated with the power of words, the North Philadelphia artist melds together spoken word poetry with an abiding love of rap, and hip-hop culture. Real name Craig Jackson-Johnson Jr., his dextrous verbosity came to the fore on excellent recent EP ‘To Live And Die In PA’.

Out now, his creative flurry continues on brand new single ‘When I’ve Had Enough’. It’s a song about being pushed to the brink, while learning to push back, and assert your own worth.

As ever, Craig Vill is supremely eloquent, his word-play courageously taking the balancing act between introversion, and explosive energy.

The MC and poet comments…

“There comes a point in time where we all wanted to give up. Where our worlds were falling apart. Where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. A point in time where we all have had enough.”

Tune in now.

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