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Charlotte Lawrence has shared haunting new song ‘Morning’.

The LA based songwriter’s take on pop relishes emotional honesty, something her self-titled EP ‘Charlotte’ exemplified. Recently released, the EP displayed a young artist working with full confidence in her abilities.

New song ‘Morning’ is a gentle yet haunting return, melancholic while probing personal spaces. A mark of her willingness to open up the creative process, ‘Morning’ was produced by Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbered and Andy Park (who has worked with Phoebe Bridgers), and this results in a distinctly different tone.

Autumnal in its sense of reflection, ‘Morning’ seems to take Charlotte Lawrence down a beguiling new path. “’Morning’ is my first collaboration with Ben Gibbard. Death Cab and The Postal Service were huge influences in my formative years of songwriting and lyric appreciation,” she comments. “To work with a hero of mine and have him and Andy Park, so graciously, make me feel as though I was on their level and create a safeplace where we could be vulnerable, elevated me to a place where I feel I have made the best art I have been able to make thus far…” 

“I am so proud of this song because I believe it reflects my point of view both lyrically and musically as a woman just trying to heal some pain and figure out how I feel and what I want. It’s okay to not always know. That’s part of the journey and I’m okay with that.”

Tune in now.

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