Charlie Tee Gears Up To Host Drum And Bass Show | News

Charlie Tee Gears Up To Host Drum And Bass Show | News

Charlie Tee will host the Drum and Bass show on Radio 1 in its new prime time slot of 11pm on Saturday night – the first woman ever to occupy that esteemed space. Her first show on the airwaves sees Ballin’ star Vibe Chemistry drop by to deliver the very first Radio 1 Remix, plus Charlie unveils an exclusive Goddard edit as her Drop of the Week.

A seasoned broadcaster immersed in dance music lore, Charlie came up as the host of D&BTV on Drum&BassArena, later fronting her own multi-genre show on the Kiss FM network, the first to profile buzzy new stars in the electronic realm like Nia Archives, Syreeta, Ewan McVicar, Ammara, AC13 and Kara.

Previously, Charlie was a guest on episode 3 of our podcast series, Overtones. In this in-depth conversation, Charlie reflects on a career steeped in the discovery of club culture and her longevity as a broadcaster, which is not only rooted in technical know-how but her affable nature which draws artists and listeners into her orbit.

Charlie was also the focus of our DJ series For The Love Of It, in partnership with PioneerDJ. For over a decade, Charlie has emerged as a connoisseur of clubland glory, DJing around the world with sets that retain a sense of humanity and soulfulness in between the thrill of basslines.

Detailing her journey from her roots as a trusted tastemaker to an in-demand spinner touring the festival circuit, the forward-thinking selector extolled the virtues of DJ life, offering some hard-won wisdom for navigating the perils of a heteronormative industry whilst keeping your integrity in tact.

Need a soundtrack to the weekend? Charlie took the DDJ-1000-OW’s for a spin, curating a throbbing, genre-fluid mix for the nocturnal ravers:

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