Charlie Stacey Announces Solo Album ‘The Light Beyond Time’ | News

Charlie Stacey Announces Solo Album 'The Light Beyond Time' | News

UK jazz pianist Charlie Stacey has laid out plans for his new solo album ‘The Light Beyond Time’.

The new project was recorded as part of Night Dreamer’s direct to disc imprint, with Charlie Stacey following in the footsteps of peers such as Emma-Jean Thackray, Sarathy Korwar and Maisha.

Out on December 3rd, ‘The Light Beyond Time’ features some exploratory jams, with the improvisatory nous accompanied by a sharp-edged sense of groove.

The pianist – who has played alongside Yussef Dayes – is joined by his regular band in the studio, boasting talent such as Oscar Ogden (drums), Tom Driessler (bass) and Jay Phelps (trumpet).

“I liked the idea of the spontaneity of creating something with one opportunity only to get it right,” he explains in a press note. “I also liked the idea of non-judgement that leaving stuff intact lends itself to. Whatever we played on the day is what we ended up using and therefore is neither right nor wrong, it just is.”

Guests include Holland-based Senegalese percussionist Mamour Seck, while London-based vocalist Vula Malinga breathes soulful life into the languid grooves of ‘Music Is Healing’.

The sound of a superb band really stretching out, and flexing their muscles, you can tap in below.

Photo Credit: Saima Khalid

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